Meet Daniel, he is 52 years old and lives with his 69 year old mother in Mukuni Village. At age 3 Daniel developed Polio. He has spent his life dragging himself on the ground. He spends his days carving wood and cow bone into curios that he can sell.
He explained how difficult life has been, especially the everyday things like going to the toilet. He has to drag himself away from his home into the bush and drag himself all the way back, often burning his hands and knees in the scorching hot sand. Every day struggles most people can’t even imagine. Life has not been easy, but Daniel just keeps going!
We delivered his P.E.T. yesterday and he dragged himself onto it and quickly sped off, we had to run after him!
In a moment his life has been changed, mobility has been restored, and the possibilities that once were a distant dream have now become possible!