Why we love PETs

I Love PET

Why we love PETs


I LOVE the NEW way people can partner with PET Zambia Online. Online, through PETZambia.com website, through PayPal. Anyone can sponsor a PET(s)! Tell a friend! Lets keep building PETs!

I LOVE the way YOU are part of the PET Zambia cross-cultural family! We all have a part to play in helping others.

I LOVE the way our local African communities and organizations help us locate disabled people and become part of the PET Zambia family through distribution! The need for PETs in Central Africa is just overwhelming.

I LOVE that it now cost just about $100 to build one PET… WOW!

I LOVE our new PET wheels! This year we received our first shipping container filled with wheels direct from China…wow! That savings cut our cost of building a PET by more than one third! Thank you Joe Harless for your efforts in finding this information!

I LOVE finding new ways to save money to build PETs. One was with lumber. We would buy lumber from the local Zambian sawmills and spend around a thousand dollars each month. However, a few years ago, with GCF’s help, we bought a sawmill of our own. Then, instead of buying logs from the forest we started buying just the “offcuts” from the local sawmills. This was the stuff they would normally throw away (see VIDEO). Now, we build PETs with those offcuts and maybe spend a thousand dollars a year!

I LOVE watching the PET staff work! They have such a heart to help the disabled! Our records show we’ve built over 7000 PETs!

I LOVE GCF! They come to Zambia almost yearly and help deliver PETs to the disabled!

I LOVE the NEW 5,000 sq. ft. PET workshop! GCF (Goodwill Community Foundation), out of Raleigh, North Carolina, have been part of the PET Zambia family for years and have helped with a number of wonderful grants! The workshop is one! By the way, BIG BLUE was one too! And so are a lot of the PETs that go out to the disabled people!

I LOVE looking into the new PET recipients eyes and calling them by their name and praying for them. We always ask God to watch over them and bless them!

I LOVE helping pick people up out of the dirt and mud with scarred hands and knees from crawling on the ground. We then place them on a PET and see their smiling faces light up with hope and dignity because of renewed mobility! They feel loved… maybe for the first time!

I LOVE watching disabled people receive their gift of mobility through a PET! It is ALWAYS such a life changing moment!

I LOVE watching “BIG BLUE”, our delivery truck, roll out the gate loaded with PETs on their way to bless someone!

I LOVE PET! Each month PET Zambia builds 50 PET carts and delivers them to people in need throughout Zambia and its neighboring countries.

Rev. Delbert Groves