Everyday Life

Someone using their PET to get around their community and to a shop. This is what every day use of a PET looks like.

Those who have use of their legs don’t think about walking to the shop to buy some bread, or walking to a bus station to get into town to run an errand, or to get to school, or to work. We take the ease of mobility for granted. But for those who are disabled and a have no help with it, their world is much smaller. They are confined to their home or immediate area around their home. For the determined, they crawl to the bus station or the store. For some, a family member carries them around so they can get somewhere.

But when this person- who is loved and cherished by God- is given crutches, a wheelchair, or a PET, their whole world opens up and changes. They are no longer dependent upon a loved one to get somewhere. They can now go to school, work and church; they can grow and work a garden; they can run their errands in town. This image represents that. It shows how this disabled person is now a part of their community and can engage with it like others do because they received the gift of mobility through a PET.