Meet Susan, she was born with cerebral palsy and her mother died in childbirth. She is 9 years old and lives in an orphanage. This little girl was brought on a mat to the last distribution we did in Kalomo. We did not have enough mobility devices with us then to give her one. She was unable to sit up so we said we could modify the P.E.T. into a Pull P.E.T. So her caretaker could pull her around. I was asked by the teacher working with her to please give her a regular P.E.T. To see if it could help her cognitive development first.
Yesterday we brought Susan her own mobility device. She laid on a mat on the ground unable to sit. We placed her into the P.E.T. and tightened the seatbelt so she couldn’t fall out…it was like a light went on for her. She got so excited she managed to sit up on her own and started to pedal with one hand! She could not stop laughing with joy as she tried with all her might to drive with both hands.
We all watched in awe, as this miracle took place before our eyes and hope bubbled up in this little girl’s heart!