20 PETs Delivered to Mufulira

Over the weekend, we delivered twenty PETs to Mufulira. We worked with Pastor Zemba Wellington with the SDA church who has worked with us many times over the years to help identify those who need help with mobility. In one beautiful act of kindness and selflessness, one woman who had claimed a PET saw others who had come too late and willingly gave up the claimed PET saying “Please give this to someone who needs it more than me.

We pray that all twenty people will be able to become more active and involved in their families and in their communities now. And that we can continue to provide PETs to those that need them, including that selfless woman. That in providing this gift to others, we can show the love of Christ to a group of people that are too often forgotten.

Someone using their PET to get around their community and to a shop. This is what every day use of a PET looks like.

Those who have use of their legs don’t think about walking to the shop to buy some bread, or walking to a bus station to get into town to run an errand, or to get to school, or to work. We take the ease of mobility for granted. But for those who are disabled and a have no help with it, their world is much smaller. They are confined to their home or immediate area around their home. For the determined, they crawl to the bus station or the store. For some, a family member carries them around so they can get somewhere.

But when this person- who is loved and cherished by God- is given crutches, a wheelchair, or a PET, their whole world opens up and changes. They are no longer dependent upon a loved one to get somewhere. They can now go to school, work and church; they can grow and work a garden; they can run their errands in town. This image represents that. It shows how this disabled person is now a part of their community and can engage with it like others do because they received the gift of mobility through a PET.

Abram Gets A PET!

This is Abram. He is 5 years old and lives in Solwezi. Earlier this year he became very ill with malaria and stayed in the hospital for about 2 months. There were complications that led to his feet and his hands being permanently damaged. He has lost all his toes and many of his fingers. His hands have already healed but his feet remain in bandages. His wish was to have a bicycle, so for his 5th birthday he was given a small bike but because his feet are in bandages and still very painful he is unable to ride the bike. He sits each day on a mattress outside his house while his siblings and friends play on the street and learn to ride bikes. Receiving this new PET has given him a new life, one where he can be mobile again and play outside with his brothers and friends. It has given his mother and father hope for his future and much reason for his family and friends to celebrate! Thank you so much for enabling Abram to have one of these PET bicycles.

I Love PET

Why we love PETs


I LOVE the NEW way people can partner with PET Zambia Online. Online, through PETZambia.com website, through PayPal. Anyone can sponsor a PET(s)! Tell a friend! Lets keep building PETs!

I LOVE the way YOU are part of the PET Zambia cross-cultural family! We all have a part to play in helping others.

I LOVE the way our local African communities and organizations help us locate disabled people and become part of the PET Zambia family through distribution! The need for PETs in Central Africa is just overwhelming.

I LOVE that it now cost just about $100 to build one PET… WOW!

I LOVE our new PET wheels! This year we received our first shipping container filled with wheels direct from China…wow! That savings cut our cost of building a PET by more than one third! Thank you Joe Harless for your efforts in finding this information!

I LOVE finding new ways to save money to build PETs. One was with lumber. We would buy lumber from the local Zambian sawmills and spend around a thousand dollars each month. However, a few years ago, with GCF’s help, we bought a sawmill of our own. Then, instead of buying logs from the forest we started buying just the “offcuts” from the local sawmills. This was the stuff they would normally throw away (see VIDEO). Now, we build PETs with those offcuts and maybe spend a thousand dollars a year!

I LOVE watching the PET staff work! They have such a heart to help the disabled! Our records show we’ve built over 7000 PETs!

I LOVE GCF! They come to Zambia almost yearly and help deliver PETs to the disabled!

I LOVE the NEW 5,000 sq. ft. PET workshop! GCF (Goodwill Community Foundation), out of Raleigh, North Carolina, have been part of the PET Zambia family for years and have helped with a number of wonderful grants! The workshop is one! By the way, BIG BLUE was one too! And so are a lot of the PETs that go out to the disabled people!

I LOVE looking into the new PET recipients eyes and calling them by their name and praying for them. We always ask God to watch over them and bless them!

I LOVE helping pick people up out of the dirt and mud with scarred hands and knees from crawling on the ground. We then place them on a PET and see their smiling faces light up with hope and dignity because of renewed mobility! They feel loved… maybe for the first time!

I LOVE watching disabled people receive their gift of mobility through a PET! It is ALWAYS such a life changing moment!

I LOVE watching “BIG BLUE”, our delivery truck, roll out the gate loaded with PETs on their way to bless someone!

I LOVE PET! Each month PET Zambia builds 50 PET carts and delivers them to people in need throughout Zambia and its neighboring countries.

Rev. Delbert Groves

Greetings from LUKULU

Greetings from LUKULU

Greetings from LUKULU

Just to share with you the joy your PETS brought to two of our friends yesterday when we delivered them to Tom and Precious respectively. The joy on Tom’s face was indescribable. Precious too was so so happy, but is a little less expressive. The PETs will really transform their lives once they get used to them. The third one for Brian is still in Lusaka as we could not fit it into our vehicle but we have arranged transport in about ten days time. Thank you very much indeed!

Blessings this Advent Season,

Pat Hanvery


Pat helped PET Zambia find three people in the far corner of LUKULU Zambia that needed PETs. We see this happen all the time throughout Zambia, Malawi, DRCongo and beyond. We are so deeply appreciative of Pat’s love and concern for others in need. This is not only a transforming moment in the PET recipient’s lives, but hers too. This is another example of how all PET partners are working together for the greater good of bringing Christian love through the gift of mobility…

We want to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year!

Delbert & Sandy Groves

UMC Global Ministries Giving Day 2015

Happy Woman with PET

UMC Global Ministries Giving Day 2015

Dear Partners… The gifts that came in for the PET ministry on that day were $12,935.02! That is just amazing and we want to thank each one of your for the part you took in making this happen. We also want to thank the Global Ministry office for the part they helped with this as well. These gifts will be used to build PETs for disabled people in Zambia and the surrounding countries. PET Zambia will be able to build at least 130 PETs with these gifts. That is exciting to realize! Giving mobility to some of the most needy people on earth is a joy to be part of. You have and will continue to change many lives. As we step into this New Year we have the wonderful opportunity to bless so many. PET Zambia is encouraged and will move forward with a deep and renewed desire to help as many disabled people as we can in 2016. You are the ones making this happen! Delbert and Sandy, the staff at the New Life Center and PET Zambia Workshop want to say on behalf of all the disabled people we serve together, Thank You.

The PET Master

PET Parked

The PET Master

The rains are here are in full force. Oh my word are they. One of the hardest we have ever seen here in Zambia. We arrived back from Florida in mid-January and the first thing that happened was a lightning strike that took out the Internet tower. The tower was repaired just two days ago. I mention that as a form of apology for not sending an update out sooner. I will try to send a number of short updates over the next few weeks so I won’t make this one too long.

NOW… One of the first things that needed to be done once we arrived back was to start building PETs. We had to shut down the program because of Rev. Jean Kalonga’s death and we were not here to help oversee the needs of the PET program. However, the request for PETs just kept on coming, hundreds of them.

We just finished the first installment of 50 PETs for 2010! We have already started the work on the next 50. Our goal is to build at least 500 this year. We just sent 10 of them today to the Zimba Medical Mission run by the Wesleyan Church about 800Km from here. A number of other PETs are leaving one at a time right out the front gate of the New Life Center.

One I want to mention was a Push PET. This one was a special custom build. Sandy met this little girl, named Ruthie, at the weekly CHE feeding program for orphans and vulnerable children. Sandy and her CHE girlfriends feed 200 to 300 every Saturday in the Zambian compound just down the road from the New Life Center. We’ll send an update about the feeding program later.

This little girl, Ruthie, is severely handicapped and can hardly move her hands or legs. Her mother carries her every place she going, but she is getting very heavy. The mother asked Sandy if she could help her.

Sandy came and talked with Rev. Dickson (the PET master), who is in charge of the workshop for building the PETs, to see what could be done. He and his team are very hard workers and they love to help others by building PETs. He ended up building this neat little Push-PET. He found some smaller wheels in storage and added this long funny looking bent rod he designed that connects to the front wheel tuning fork. Something new for the Push-PETs. Look closely you’ll see it. This rod allows you to push and steer the PET at the same time. Way to go, Dickson, it works GREAT!

Ruthie’s mother was so deeply appreciative. She just couldn’t believe that supporting partners (like you) and Dickson would take the time to help her little girl Ruthie. I’m sure over time Sandy will see her at the feeding program and she’ll have lots of wonderful stories of how this PET has changed their lives……because PETs always do change lives!

Malawi PET Distribution 2014

Happy PET Owner

Malawi PET Distribution 2014

The New Life Center began their relationship KODO and its founder, George Chimpiko a few years ago. George is a Malawian who works with the disabled in his community and is disabled himself. The word KODO means “disabled” in the local language. He was looking for a type of mobility chair that he could give to those he worked with, but he needed something more sturdy and durable than a regular wheelchair. In his search, he eventually got in touch with us at PET Zambia ministry at NLC. It was exactly what he was looking for! Two years ago, we were able to deliver our first truckload of PETs to KODO.

In August of 2014, NLC delivered their third load of PETs to Salima, Malawi. The day started out with unloading the 50 PETs from the truck, we then gathered with the recipients for a time of introductions, singing, encouraging, and prayer. Then the real fun began as the recipients (26 that day) were able to then pick out their brand new PET!

The sight of seeing these precious individuals pick and try out something that will change their lives is incredible! They were excited but nervous as they got themselves off the ground and onto the seats. It was quiet at first, but within about 15 minutes, they were wheeling themselves around – a big smile on their face and chattering away with each other and their families. Before they left, we were able to pray for each and every one of the recipients – we prayed that the Lord would bless them and continue to provide for them and their families, that He would strengthen their arms and hands as they used the PET, that He would open doors for them and show them His plans for them, and that they would know how loved and precious they are. Please continue to pray for them!

I was able to chat with the sister of one young woman who received a PET that day. She watched her sister try out the PET and was glowing with happiness as she watched how happy her sister was. She said that she carried her sister on her back every time she needed to go anywhere, but now she wouldn’t have to. She said they were believers and her sister had prayed and fasted for a couple of weeks that she would get something that would allow her to get around. And the Lord provided with this PET!

How humbling and blessed I was to be able to witness this provision of the Lord in their lives! He is using this ministry to change lives. As Delbert says, we get to see these people get picked up off the ground, out of the dust and dirt, and given a chance to change their lives for the better. We get to tell them and show them that they are loved by God and not forgotten. What a great reminder and message to us all!